Heart Disease Symptoms, Risk Factors, Causes & Stats

Cardiovascular maladies are something associated to the heart that affects your heart in numbers of ways. It’s one of the most fatal maladies all around the earth and accounts 34 % of demises in America alone. Cardiovascular illness is a group of illnesses which is caused through various factors and those factors generally don’t occur physically. Ignorance towards signs & symptoms of any particular heart illness, family history, sex age, smoking & heavy drinking are the primary reasons that can lead to the evolvement of cardiovascular diseases, However, one of the major reasons of these sorts of ailments is buildup of atheroma which is a fatty deposit which congregates inside the arteries. Blood clotting can also be defined as one of the most common risk factors of these types of diseases that can be prevented if you have a better knowledge and if you are not ignorant to indications and symptoms. Your hypertension could also be one of the major reasons which can play a big role in supporting these kinds of diseases. Your cholesterol level is another big factor which decides whether you’re proneness to these varieties of sicknesses or not. As you grow older your possibilities of receiving cardiovascular sickness also gradually increases hence “prevention is better than cure” fits right here. You can maintain yourself physically active in order to prevent these varieties of ailments. There’re several cardiovascular diseases such as heart ailments, stroke, transient ischemic attack, peripheral arterial disease & other maladies as well. These sicknesses can be prevented if taken good care of your heart and if you are conscious of what is happening in your body and also if you go for the regular check-up of your body. There are certain lifestyle alternations which you should do in order to stop cardiovascular sicknesses and those changes are:

Physically Active

physical-activityBeing physically active is one of the most important alteration you can do in order to prevent not only heart diseases but other chronic and non-chronic sicknesses as well. There are several researches have been conducted that those who are not physically active at greater risk of getting cardiovascular diseases comparing to those who keep themselves active. You should experience at least 30-45 minutes of physical activities 3 to 4 times a week. Your physical activity could be either moderate or little bit hard.

decrease Your Weight

decrease-your-weightIf you are overweight, you are most typically at higher risk of receiving cardiovascular illnesses. Not only you are at risk of cardiovascular sicknesses but other life-threatening chronic sicknesses like cancer and diabetes can also affect your body which could be fatal for you. If you’re obese and, you are most probably at peak of receiving these kinds of maladies, therefore it’s better for you to reduce extra fat in order to be secure not only from cardiovascular sicknesses but also from certain other maladies such as cancer and diabetes.

Don’t Smoke or Consume Alcohol

smoking-and-drinkingSmoking and consuming alcohol both can affect your heart & may give you many sicknesses & infection. Smoking & drinking is one of those harmful habits that you should not adopt in any situations or else it’ll ruin your internal organs and body portions. There’re several studies which have found that consuming alcohol & smoking cigarette can cause lethal for your body.

Have Nutritious Foods

nutritious-foodsNutritious foods can be one of the highly necessary factors which can erase the chances of any type of sicknesses. Healthy heart directly links to healthy diet therefore you should have nutritious diet which should be full of high level nutrients such as vitamin, low level of saturated fat instead you can try to include healthier fats like oily fish which are the best sources of good fats, low intake of salt, you need to consume foods that should be full of fiber and try to consume at least 5 to six vegetables and fruits combined in a day to get those nutritious values in your body.

Maintain Hypertension

Try to keep maintaining your blood pressure. Hypertension is something that stimulates your chances of receiving cardiovascular illness to an extent level which may not be fruitful for you. Therefore try to maintain your blood pressure and try to decrease it to the required level if you want to be safe from many unwanted sicknesses.


Diabetes mellitus also plays a big role in the evolvement of many cardiovascular ailments. If you are diabetic person, your blood sugar level is too elevated and high blood sugar level may cause harm your arteries & blood vessels & even it can further narrow your blood vessels which may result in blood clotting.


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